Kevalee Historical Background

Kevalee International School was established in 1996 as a small international kindergarten school. Our school, licensed by Thailand's Ministry of Education, was founded by Mrs. Juliana, who has more than 40 years of experience at well-known International Schools.

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Why Kevalee International School?

Small Class Size.

This enables and facilitates differentiated teaching and learning.

Philosophy: Every Child Counts.

This emphasises each student’s potential and talents under care and support programs by policy of school.

Affordable fees for international learning opportunity.

This creates opportunities for more students and families to enjoy the benefits of learning in International Program.

Standard of American Curriculum System accredited by WASC and ONESQA.

Qualified teachers with professional mind-set and caring personalities.

Family-like school atmosphere that encourages concern and care for each person and a collaborative mentality.

An environment which encourages students in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and innovative mind-set.

Students learn to achieve excellence with a touch of simplicity and high ethical standards.